Student Showcase Book

Book Design | Student Showcase

The overall design and construction of the 2012 Graduating Animation Class Student Showcase submission featured over thirty pages, including a personal spread.

Ad Council

Poster Design | Ad Council

Artwork created using Adobe Photoshop, typography created using InDesign. These posters address a serious problem using a slightly twisted sense of humor.

Urban Stencil

Urban Stencil Design | Photoshop

Don’t worry! Nothing illegal here. Just a bit of Photoshop trickery while gleaning inspiration from guerilla artist, Bansky.

Brainco Website

Website | BRAINCO.

BRAINCO. is an online zombie apocalypse survival handguide, which may not be the most serious of businesses but their never afraid to use their braaaaaaiiiins...

Colorado Mesa University Rebranding

University Rebranding | Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University selected two students to aid in the campus rebranding. This opportunity led to extended employment as well as fulfilled internship requirements.

Elementals Digital Painting

Animation | Elementals

Digitally painted still shot taken from the animation, "Elementals." See the "Animation" link below to watch the complete video.

Fine Art